Chapter 1 – Identify What You Love to Do (DYIG)



Deciding what we want to do in life can seem difficult. Yet the question is simple. We complicate it with overthinking and indecision. We make a habit of evaluating the variables and possible outcomes. Is it remotely logical to believe that we know the results of actions we’ve never engaged in? Which leads to the obvious question, “Then why do we do it?” In particular, when we believe that we would fail at something if we try, what makes us think we can know without even trying? Believing that we would fail prevents us from pursing our dreams and discovering our inner greatness.


We have many excuses for not knowing what we would love to do in life. Some people recognize that they know what they would love to do in life, but they have many excuses for not doing it. In either case, the excuses are similar. They frequently point to a lack of the proper resources or knowledge. Our excuses can range from not having enough money to not knowing the right people. Unfortunately, whatever the excuse, it will always remain available to serve as an excuse. In other words, it is we who hold ourselves back? Until we take complete responsibility for where we are in our lives, we will never do what we love in life. If we don’t do what we love to do in life, we will be unlikely to discover our inner greatness.


To find out what you want to do in life, you must first understand who you are. The best way to increase self-knowledge is to sit in silence consistently for a period of time each day. You may use this time for prayer, meditation, or simply relieving stress. Silence is crucial to finding out what you would love to do, how you would love to do it, and why it’s important to you. Once the noise has dissipated, you will think more clearly. This will make it easier to recognize what you would love to do in life. It’s no coincidence that you’ve had your some of your best ideas when you were driving on the highway late at night, in the bathtub, or in some other situation that forced you to sit in silence. In such moments, the usual distractions are far away. This allows your best ideas to come sharply into focus. Silence is imperative for discovering who you are and what you would truly love to do.

Have you ever looked at a glass of juice that has sat for a long time? Did you notice how all the sugar, color, and solid material sank to the bottom while the top remained clearer? If you let it sit long enough, you will see a complete separation. If you shake it up, the water will mix back in with the other ingredients, and it will no longer be clear at the top.

Think of this example as a metaphor for your mind. When you have sat long enough in silence, the ingredients of your best ideas become clear. With this heightened clarity, you can patiently determine you want to do in life and discover your inner greatness. 


Purposely sitting in silence is a difficult thing to do if you are new to it. Your mind will wander everywhere. You will become anxious to check your phone, email, and social media accounts. You will feel a need to postpone sitting in silence to later in the day. Normally, you start your day by jumping head first into the daily commotion, and once you’re there, it’s hard to pull out. When you first commit yourself to siting in silence on a daily basis, it will require discipline to carry out. You should start by sitting in silence for a minimum of five minutes each morning. As you develop a routine, slowly add more minutes.

The easiest way to begin, in fact, is to dedicate the first five minutes of your day to sitting in silence. As soon as you awaken, sit up in your bed and use that time to relax. You’re likely to fall asleep again if you remain lying down. As you take the time to reflect, continually ask yourself what makes you happy. Ask yourself what it is that you would love to do forever. Ask yourself what you would do if money didn’t matter and you were completely free of stress. Think about what activities have given you the most joy in your life. As you do this, it will eventually become very apparent what you want to do in your life.

Do not become frustrated. You will be unlikely to answer to your questions on your first few attempts. Each attempt will bring you closer to the goal.


Remember that before you can decide what you want to do in your life, you must know who you are. To find yourself, you must sit in silence. Silence will slowly show you who you are, giving you the clarity to understand what it is that you would love to do. Start with five minutes of silence upon waking, and then slowly increase the time you spend. You will gradually find the answers that you were seeking. As you do so, you will slowly start discovering your inner greatness.

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