Cyrus the Solution Speaks to the Students of Alliance Tennenbaum High School

Tuesday October 18th i had the privilege of speaking at Alliance Tennebaum Family Technology High School and i must say it was amazing. The students there were very engaged. They asked a few very tough question, which i LOVE! One question being, “How can a student balance out a tough at home life and a tough school schedule?”

The sad thing that i learned while speaking at the school, is that the students feel as if the teachers who teaches them, don’t care about them. I explained to the students that i know it may feel as if the teachers don’t care about you at times, but they care. I also explained how a teachers hands can be tied by the board they must get their ideas approved by. It can be a tough and challenging feat for a teacher who loves the students but understand that the curriculum they MUST teach isn’t the best curriculum for students to learn from.

I also spoke with the students about self value and why it’s important to value yourself. Overall i had an amazing time, and if you ever get the chance to speak to these students, i would recommend you saying YES!

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