Known for his honest and straightforward approach while speaking on internal suffering, Cyrus encourages personal change through empathy. His unique way of deeply affecting people allows each to see the world from other perspectives.


Cyrus grew up in poverty, but also lived in middle class. He’s witnessed his family members both sell and become addicted to drugs. Cyrus has hurt his community through actions in adolescence, however, was awarded multiple awards for humanitarianism and philanthropy in adulthood.


Cyrus believes living within the extremes of both sides in life provided him with the wisdom to relate to the vast majority of people. With this wisdom, he’s understood that self-knowledge is key to overcome personal struggle and by appreciating the value of self-love, we are then able to “Grow into Greatness” and become our best self.


Intellectual Independence

Why we think, how we think, and ways we can overcome an improper thought process.

Trauma Transparency

Complete openness of what he and other’s overcame to get to where they are currently. 

Empathy for Everyone

Perspective driven circumstantial scenarios that help everyone understand why people act as they do.

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