Grow Into Greatness was designed to facilitate each individual’s understanding on what makes him or her great. Developed by an Award Winning Humanitarian, this workshop is a product of mentoring 18+ years through the Boys and Girls Club, writing programs, and implementing strategies aiding in the personal development of adolescence. 


We believe greatness resides in everyone, however, with so many distractions most drift from their potential. 


This comprehensive workshop will ensure that not only will you develop the abilities needed to become great, but also you will have fun discovering your inner greatness!


Warm Up Meditation

The first component of the workshop focuses on clearing the mind of all issues prior to the program. It is important all participants unwind before thinking deeply about their personal greatness.

Identifying Goals

Our Award Winning Humanitarian has skillful ways of encouraging the workshop to think both creatively and specifically on what it is they want to do.

Schedule Setting

We walk participants through the most efficient way of organizing a schedule, based on their free time.

Interactive Game

The fourth component is an interactive game to assist participants in applying the 7-step curriculum after leaving the workshop.

Cool-Down Meditation

The workshop is completed with mediation to ensure participants with a new, profound way of understanding their greatness following the program.

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