Hi, I'm Cyrus Ausar

Speaker Author Coach Mentor Humanitarian

"The Cyrus Ausar Story"

Once upon a time, a young boy named Cyrus Ausar embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, one that would shape the rest of his life. His quest for identity began when he realized he had lost himself along the way, despite mentoring young children at the Boys and Girls Club. But the more he helped others, the more he understood that he was just a child himself and that he needed to find his own path first.

At the age of thirteen, Cyrus found himself in an unexpected role, that of a parent to his younger brother. With his parents absent and his older siblings gone, Cyrus was left to navigate the perils of life on his own. He faced dangerous encounters with drug addicts, alcoholics, corrupt police officers, and even murderers, but he refused to let them defeat him. Instead, he used his mind to overcome these challenges and realized that even those who had strayed from their paths were still good people.

Through these tumultuous experiences, Cyrus discovered his true purpose: to inspire others to reach their full potential. He became a Depression and Suicide Prevention expert and raised over six-million dollars for non-profit organizations. He was the youngest recipient of the United Way’s Emerging Philanthropy Award and the Daymond Mumford Humanitarian Award, demonstrating his peers’ recognition of his incredible contributions. He authored three books, two workbooks, and inspired thousands of young people worldwide through social media. In addition to his accomplishments, Cyrus owns an award-winning mental health cafe called “Greatness Cafe,” providing a safe space for individuals to find support and nourishment for their minds and souls. Furthermore, Cyrus also owns and operates a renowned Mental Health & Wellness Center called “Grow Mental Health & Wellness,” offering comprehensive services to empower individuals on their healing journeys.

Today, Cyrus continues to inspire people to “Grow Into Greatness,” encouraging them to strive to be better than they were yesterday. He believes that with the right mindset and attitude, anyone can achieve greatness. As he writes the next chapters of his story, Cyrus invites you to join him on his journey and to discover your own path to greatness.