Cyrus Ausar | Depression & Suicide Prevention Expert

Cyrus Ausar is the youngest recipient of The United Way Emerging Philanthropist Award and the youngest OHHA Humanitarian Award Winner. He has authored 3 books and was presented his own holiday in Massillon, Ohio (Hometown). He has raised over $6 million for non-profits and is a highly sought-after, award-winning speaker dedicated to helping people overcome depression and prevent suicide.


No one could have predicted Cyrus’ journey following a dismantled upbringing. He watched his mother decline from drug use and coincidentally, benefitted through his father’s distribution of those same drugs. His older brothers abandoned his life prematurely to prison and the Army, forcing him to be a father figure to his younger brother at the tender age of 13. 


Cyrus started his philanthropic journey at the Boys and Girls Club where he inadvertently created his first program by simply having friends read to 1st graders. Since then, Cyrus intensely studied the psychology behind suffering and developed strategies to create long-term solutions.  


Cyrus currently travels the world empowering adolescents and adults to “Grow into Greatness”.

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Cyrus Ausar Speaking at Middlefield High School