Chapter 6 – Speak About Your Goals



Speaking about your goals to any and every positive person in your life will make you accountable. The more you speak about your goals, the more you will notice that others will align with them. Others will begin to help and even send you to people who can help you achieve what you desire. The journey will be unpredictable, so you will be amazed where some of your help will come from. You never know who knows whom in this world, and it could potentially place you closer to what you love. The less you speak of your goals, the fewer opportunities you will have. Others can only know what you tell them about you.


I know a woman who wanted to start a dance company in order to instill good character in children. She did not know how to operate a business or even or how to start building one. Initially, she knew only that she had a goal in mind, and she was willing to do anything to make it happen. She created a dance program and decided that the best place to offer it would be in local community centers. She caught the bus and went to all the neighboring community centers to propose her program. Unfortunately, all the centers said that she couldn’t offer the program at their location, or they asked her to come back at another time. This cycle repeated for over a month before her frustration began to set in.

She decided to go back to the community centers one last time, and it had the same result. As she was leaving the last community center to catch the bus home, she saw a man that needed help carrying equipment into the community center. She offered help, and he was grateful. Shortly after the job was done, the man thanked her and told her that he had never seen her before at this location. She told him about her goal and why she was at that community center. She was shocked to find out that this man was the director of all the community centers in the state. He gave her the opportunity to start her program at one of the centers and introduced her to many other directors in the area.

No one could have predicted that the director of the community centers would be there at that time. This is an example of how things can happen as you embark on your journey of doing what you would love to do. Speaking and acting on your goals will make things happen that will advance your goals. What if the woman had quit after her first visits to the community centers? What if she had left the community center that she last visited with a bad attitude and had chosen not to help the man unloading the van? We can never know, but we do know her positive outcome.


As you speak about your goals, people and opportunities will begin to present themselves out of what seems to be nowhere. This is the result of discovering your inner greatness while pursing what you love. You will begin aligning yourself with great things because you will slowly discover the greatness within yourself. We all will have good and bad times, but we must keep in mind why we are trying to achieve our goals. Constantly speaking about your goals will make you accountable to the people you come into contact with. You will find that if you strive to do what you love, there are people who want to help you. You must remember to speak to others about your goals and keep the uplifting people around you. Those who are negative will transmit their negative energy and hinder you in discovering your inner greatness.

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