Chapter 7 – Reevaluate & Perfect



Reevaluating and perfecting are simple processes of analyzing and improving yourself. Imagine that you’ve gone through all six steps and have discovered your inner greatness. You know what makes you happy, and you know how to maintain your happiness. You understand the value of necessary restrictions, and you understand how people can be helpful or harmful. You understand everything there is to know about doing what you love in life. All that there is left for you to do is to constantly reevaluate yourself and get better every week.


As you progress in your journey to discover your inner greatness, you’ll notice consistent patterns of success and the pitfalls to which you are subject. You’ll notice that the order in which you complete tasks could be more efficient with minor changes. You’ll notice things you do that waste your time. The patterns you exhibit will become more noticeable after you evaluate ways to perfect yourself. You’ll even start to wonder why you do certain things when you know they can be obstacles to doing what you love. As these patterns persist, you’ll find ways to overcome them. As you overcome them, you’ll discover your inner greatness more and more.

As you grow, you will have unforeseen problems that you never had before. But you will be well equipped to handle these problems.


I must mention two things about achieving perfection. First, perfection is a matter of perspective. Second, expecting ourselves to be perfect causes us to be dissatisfied with ourselves. It is good to strive for perfection in a healthy way, but we must avoid being perfectionistic. We have to trust our own judgment of what is perfect, but we must also not judge ourselves too harshly. We should analyze our mistakes each week and try our best not to repeat them the following week.


We now know that we must sit in silence daily in order to truly understand ourselves. At least one day out of every week, we must take time out solely for reflection. This helps us to reevaluate ourselves from all angles. We should look at what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong, and what we must improve. This reflection is absolutely crucial to discovering and enhancing our inner greatness. Just think about it. If you don’t know how to better yourself, how can you grow beyond where you currently are?


We must understand that we are always a work in progress, and it is nothing to be depressed about. It should serve to make our journey more challenging and exciting. We all have chances to sculpt our lives in ways we would love, but we limit ourselves according to our fears. The only way to recognize our fears and negative patterns is to reevaluate ourselves. Reevaluation allows us to see negative patterns that limit our ability to both discover and enhance our greatness.

Striving for greatness is a mentality that we need to hold fast to in order to keep our spirits high throughout our exciting journey. We must look at what we consider to be greatness and ask ourselves why we have not achieved it. Then we must break down the steps to get there. The only limitations that we have are the ones that we place on ourselves. Silence and constant reevaluation will make us understand that we are the only people who are holding us back from discovering our inner greatness.

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