Cyrus Ausar Donates Backpacks, Books, and Free Programing to Kids in TomTod Ideas

When i was asked to do my humanitarian program for a small group of children while i was visiting Ohio, i said YES before i even knew who they were. Luckily, i met a fun group of kids involved with a great non-profit called “TomTod Ideas“. TomTod Ideas mission is to empower middle school students to launch absurd ideas that enhance the common good.

Handout Books

I wish i was as advanced as these kids are at their age. They were already reading 500 page books. I don’t even like reading books that long now, let alone when i was 8 years of age. We were supposed to meet at the Boys and Girls Club of Massillon but the area we was assigned wasn’t suitable for my program. We then got moved to the Massillon Museum, but nobody was there to answer the front door.

I just improvised on the spot. i seen a table we could all sit at and speak about today’s society and how we can impact it for the best. It was very interesting. I spoke to the kids about pursuing what you love to do in life, and some of them were already mentioning what bills they would have to pay. This thought process was mind boggling, because they don’t have any bills to pay at this moment, but they were already questioning if they could follow their goals because of bills.

I learned a lot about perspective talking to these kids, and i look forward to working with TomTod Ideas again in the near future.

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