Cyrus Ausar Talks About Importance of “Grow Into Greatness” with High School Students

Inglewood Highschool was definitely the most shy group of students i’ve encountered. They were all respectful and stayed on the edge of their seats to every word. Upon looking into the crowd during my speech, i didn’t see one student looking anywhere else but at me.

I pass out pieces of papers for students to ask questions that they maybe too embarrassed to ask aloud. When the time came to ask questions aloud, i knew that their papers would have a ton of questions because i didn’t get any aloud questions. Maybe or two, but not like the other schools. When it was time to turn in the papers, i seen why they didn’t want to ask questions aloud. I didn’t notice how deep of a lecture it had became.


After looking at their questions, i understood why they didn’t ask the questions. I wouldn’t of either based on the things they asked. I would definitely go back to this Inglewood, i could relate to their questions on such a deep level. One of the most fun experiences i’ve had.

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