Cyrus the Solution Talks to Lawndale High School Students about Following Your Dreams

The students at Lawndale High School was some of the most attentive students i’ve had the privilege to speak to. They paid attention to absolutely every word i said, without any distractions. Only thing i didn’t like about the Lawndale speaking engagement was the short amount of time that i had. I only had a lunch break worth of time to speak, but i made the most of it.


I told more stories in this class since i was so pressed for time. The students wished i would of spoke longer as well. So many of them walked up to me after my speech to tell me how relatable i was. They also asked me very personal questions that they said they’ve never opened up to anyone about. I got invited to come speak again at Lawndale, and i am going to take them up on that offer!

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